Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, wouldn't you know it, now that I haven't attempted to get Samuel to read for a while, he's starting to get interested on his own. Amazing how that works! First, he's been wanting to write things - Valentines, letters, "news" - so I'll tell him what letters to write. He's also been wanting to write longer things, so for that I'll let him dictate to me, and then he'll watch me write it down. It's a small start, but I can tell that he's starting to realize what he could do if he could read and write.

Some of the things he's dictated have been hilarious. He's been dictating "Bibles" to Shawn and I, for the other one to read. Here are some excerpts:

Jesus walked across the sea to his disciples and a big storm was coming. When Jesus was a baby, he was laid in the manger because there was no room for them at the inn. Their donkey bringed them to Bethlehem where the manger was. Then the next day, Jesus told his disciples to make all the water into wine at a wedding.

Not entirely chronological, but he got most of the details right, anyway. :)

Here's another one - Samuel dictated this whole thing, complete with "Chapters". Can you tell which Bible stories he knows best???

Chapter 1
Jesus walked on the water several times and several times he asked his disciples to everytime people had a wedding to make sure they had wine. Then there was a wedding and the disciples saw that they had a wedding and there was wine and a big angel came with food and left the bag and they didn't know what to do why the angel left them food. Then a big demon came and the angel had a sword and fighted off the demon. The next morning, Jesus came and asked the disciples if they could send a note to somebody and they wouldn't so at first they said they would do it.

Chapter 2
Jesus several days saw that people were having a wedding and everytime they had a wedding they would bring wine. Jesus was getting very confused. Then the next day he was blessed by John and he blessed him with holy water and he blessed him the Father, the Son, and the HOly Spirit. When he said "the Holy Spirit", a big storm came. When the storm came, Jesus came and stopped the storm.

Chapter 3
Every wedding, Jesus would make sure every time they had a wedding they would have wine. Jesus was getting very nervous doing that. Then the next day one of the people that were at the wedding told Jesus he didn't have to make sure they had wine at the wedding anymore, then Jesus stopped.

Chapter 4
When Jesus was a baby, he had Mary as his mama.

I think he would have kept going for quite some time, but I ran out of paper!

Samuel was really into Valentine's Day for some reason this year - Shawn and I don't really do V-day, exactly (I protest any holiday or tradition invented by Hallmark! Don't get me started on unity candles!) - although I did get him some chocolate-covered cherries this year. V-day is exactly 6 months from our anniversary, though, so we celebrate it as our "half-iversary" instead, usually by going out to dinner, which we rarely do on the actual day to avoid crowds. So, we'll be celebrating tonight by going to Chili's because we have a $20 gift certificate there which Shawn got by doing
MyPoints. They had better still have the boneless Shanghai wings on the menu or Shawn might cry. I'd better check. . . good, still there! Anyway, my original point in talking about V-day (yes, that's what I was talking about, remember?) was that since it is Saint Valentine's feast day, I thought I would tie that in since Samuel was interested, but any connection is so obscure and questionable that I gave up.

Okay, off to do laundry and clean house so that when Shawn and I get back from our lovely evening it won't look like someone ransacked the place.

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