Saturday, February 18, 2006

the gift of children

Today, dh and I did an NFP presentation for a Christian Sexuality Workshop, part of the marriage prep required for couples getting married in this diocese. I am always amazed at how hostile some of the couples are. If you feel that way about the Church's teachings, WHY are you getting married in the Church??? But then there are those couples who truly seem to gain a deeper understanding, and I am so grateful for those that are open to truth. I pray that the ones who are currently closed off to the Church's teachings, who will contracept (or are already contracepting before their marriage) will remember what was said today if in a year, or five or ten years, their marriage isn't what it should be.

We decided to leave Samuel with Auntie Tara this time, since he's been a little tempermental lately and having an almost-five-year-old have a complete meltdown is probably NOT the best way to convince engaged couples to be open to the gift of children. I am never completely sure how he will handle being left, since we do it so rarely, but he was totally fine with it today. Amazing how detachable the securely attached can be. :) I missed him during our presentation, though, and I wonder if we did the best thing by leaving him. Is having no child present in order to avoid the risk of a tantrum a better witness, or a child who is maybe a little clingy and anxious in the presence of so many strangers, but still adorable and utterly loveable? In the past some of the couples attending have been clearly turned off by the presence of a child (even a fairly well-behaved one), but are these the people we should cater to? If they are disgusted that we didn't get a babysitter, are they even listening as we speak of the gift of children? Today, it was probably better for Samuel to have some down time at Auntie's than to have to be on his best behavior while mom and dad gave a talk, but next time, if he's up for it, I think we'll bring him along.

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