Friday, February 17, 2006

artistic endeavors

I am sick AGAIN! In fact, I am missing Girls' Night Out right now because my head is throbbing so badly. I did manage to take Samuel to his art class today. They studied Seurat and pointalism. They made dots using Q-tips dipped in paint. First they did combinations of color on index cards and then held them far away to see what it looked like from a distance. (Red and yellow dots looked orange, etc.) Samuel was not interested in this. Actually, he was distracted when it was being explained, so I'm not sure if he knew what the point was. Anyway, he had fun making dots. Then he did two bigger pictures, first sketching with a pencil and then filling in with dots. I was surprised that he had the patience for all the dots. We talked afterward about how there are so many ways to make art, and he said he might make dot pictures again sometime.

Then tonight, he and dh got out a new set of pastels. Dh drew an amazing picture of St. Paul writing one of his epistles. I am so jealous of people who can just whip out a beautiful picture like that. I can do cutesy stuff, but not artsy stuff. I'm crafty, not artistic, if that makes any sense. Samuel started a picture with a lovely tree (he is really into drawing all the branches, I think in part because of the tree-drawing exercise at his first art class) and then he added a "daddy cardinal". (The bird, not the prelate.) He said he'll finish tomorrow.

He has been having fun watching the Olympics, but says all the skiing and snowboarding look scary because they go so fast. I didn't know there was such a thing as too fast for Samuel!

I talked to some of the other moms at the art class today about unschooling. One of the moms was getting overwhelmed and was considering putting her kids in school, when someone recommended she move in the other direction. There was another unschooler there, but all the other moms said things like, "Well, I can see how unschooling would be ideal, but what if they fall behind?" "I don't think I could handle unschooling all subjects." "How can you be sure they are learning enough?" I told them that I had the same questions until I learned more about it, and met people who have been doing this for a while. I had a lot of misconceptions about what unschooling really is and how it works. I hope that a few seeds were planted today. :)

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